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An extended unit-converter

ToolBox converts, besides the usual units, sexagesimal angles, solid angles, number systems, units of radioactivity, consumption, concentration and cable dimensions. Furthermore, ToolBox calculates spherical surface areas and voltage drop in electrical wires.


Just use the green drop-down menu in the menu bar above to select the tools and the units. Further information may be found on the respective pages.

Version history

New in version 1.6 (August 2022):
Major changes to the user interface

New in version 1.5 (October 2020):
Inch (as fraction) vs. metric: Compare measures and easily find equivalent tools (spanners etc.)

New in version 1.4 (July 2020):
Compatibility update of the Unit-Converter (Safari, Chrome, Android); plus some minor corrections

New in version 1.3 (March 2020):
Improved menu: Now works better on mobile devices

New in version 1.2 (January 2019):
Bug corrections (suspension setting) and minor changes to the user interface

New in version 1.1 (July 2018):
Convert suspension setting data
In addition: Some bug corrections and improvements to the user interface

Conversion between mm and degrees. Important for vehicle track setting (suspension geometry). Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the data for adjusting the suspension are specified either in mm or degrees. For modern vehicles mostly in degrees. However, with the simple means applied in the common "hobby garage" only millimetres can be measured. This new feature in "ToolBox" allows you to convert between degrees (metric and sexagesimal) and mm. Thus, the track can be adjusted in your private garage with the old "string method" simply by measuring millimetres.

Privacy Policy

ToolBox does not collect any personal user data. For more information see below:

Privacy Policy

Personal data

Toolbox doesn't collect any personal user data, nor any other data.

Data usage

The data entered by the user are exclusively used for calculation purposes within the Toolbox application.

Do Minetosh online or Toolbox store data?

Non, vos données ne quittent pas l'application Toolbox. Elles ne sont en aucun cas transférées aux serveurs externes. En conséquence, elles ne sont pas non plus stockées sur des serveurs externes (ni sur minetoshsoft.com, ni sur des serveurs tiers).

Est-ce-que Minetosh online partage vos données?


Minetosh online ne collecte pas de données et Minetosh online ne transfère pas des données à des tiers!