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Suspension Geometry – Conversion between mm and degrees


Choose input unit

For sexagesimal angles: Integers only, please. Decimals will be truncated!

Input of millimetres [x.xx mm], decimal degrees [x.xx°] or degrees [x°]

Input of minutes [x']

Input of seconds [x"]

Rim diameter [inch]

Only deactivate this box if outer rim (rim flange) is NOT of the J type! For more information follow the "Info" link.

You may measure the overall diameter (from outer rim edge to outer rim edge) of your wheel yourself and use this value here (mm only).

Custom wheel diameter [mm]


Leave this box deactivated, if your input data is already the total value for wheel alignment.

Choose output unit

Millimetres [x.xx mm], decimal degrees [x.xx°] or degrees [x°]

Minutes [x']

Seconds [x"]