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Calculation of various geological parameters using functions of angle

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Privacy Policy

Personal data

Geo-1 doesn't collect any personal user data. The data the user enters will not and cannot be connected to personal user data stored elsewhere on his device.

How Geo-1 collects data

The only way Geo-1 can "collect" data is by active input performed by the user. These data cannot be correlated with personal data of the user. Geo-1 has no access to the user's data storage system. However, this is not the case if the user actively saves data from Geo-1. These data are stored in a database within the file system of the browser. These data can be retrieved and deleted by the user at any time. Again, these data will not, and can not be correlated with other user data. Minetosh online also has no access to these data.

How Minetosh online uses your data

NOT AT ALL. The data entered and/or stored by the user are exclusively for calculation purposes within the Geo-1 application and for usage by the user. Minetosh online will never transfer these data to minetoshsoft.com or any other server.

Does Minetosh online share your data?

Minetosh online doesn't collect data, and Minetosh online doesn't share data!

How Minetosh online stores your data

Where your data are stored

Only on your devices! Geo-1 does not forward any data. They are not transferred to external servers and are therefore not stored on external servers (neither minetoshsoft.com nor third-party servers). The data entered are used only for internal computing purposes. As a user, however, you have the option of saving your data locally on your device within the browsers file system. Minetosh online has no access to these data.

How long are your data kept?

The data stored by the user remain on his device until he himself deletes the data or removes the browser with all associated files from his device.