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Information about EcoHouse

How does EcoHouse work?

Simply enter your annual consumption in the appropriate input field or fields (respecting the input units). Then enter the heated living surface of your house or apartment in the surface input field (in square metres). Check the checkbox if your heating system includes sanitary hot water preparation.

If you have entered wrong data: The button “Delete values” clears all input fields.

Now, click the button “Show classification” to start the calculation.

The result will show up in a new window, where you'll find the classification-diagram. The reload-button will take you back to EcoHouse to enter new data.

What does EcoHouse do?

From your annual fuel consumption for heating (fuel oil, natural gas, propane gas, wood, wood-pellets and electricity) and the total of your house’s heated living surface, EcoHouse calculates the specific heating energy consumption of your house or apartment in KWh per square metre per year. EcoHouse also considers whether your heating system is used for sanitary hot water preparation or not. This allows a classification of your house or apartment in fuel efficiency classes from A+ (very good) to H (bad). As a result, you may estimate how economical your heating habits are, and/or how efficiently isolated your house is.

Privacy Policy

EcoHouse doesn't collect any personal user data. For more information go to:


The EcoHouse app is meant to give an estimation of the specific heating energy consumption of houses or apartments. The results and classifications are only intended to be used for orientation. They are not legally binding and cannot, under any circumstances, substitute professional advice and classification. The author accepts no responsibility whatsoever for risks that could arise from the use of EcoHouse and use of the results thus gained!


The EcoHouse icon was made using elements from the "Iso-city-grey-house-2" icon by rygle, the "Casa-ecologica" icon by Emilie Rollandin and the "my-house" icon by Anonymous (find them on Other icons in the program are based on the "tango-icon-theme" (

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